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First thanks for all the help fellow Slingshoters.
The Ride command/apple CarPlay the latest software by Polaris is only designed to work with Sena Headsets
But there is a software bug so it will not work with anything. Polaris is working on a fix. I only found this out after hours of trouble shooting Tried different phones/cables/headsets/ View attachment 187426
Polaris had me install 2019 software Ver SLS7A9.S22145A and as soon as I plug in my iPhone the display automatically changes to Apple CarPlay and everything is working!! Thanks again everyone.
Thank you for the post. I've been trying everything I can think of on how to get my apple carplay to work. I just had the dealer install the module for my screen on my 2022 SL and I just can't seem to find a solution. It seems that you have it, but with me being 70 years old and sort of dumb on this Carplay, how is it that I can install the how do I install the apple carplay 2019 software Ver SLS7A9.S22145A on mine. It wants me to connect a headset in order to use Apple Carplay and I really don't like that idea. I did try a pair of bluetooth ear buds, but nada.
Any step by step solution on loading that version in my SL would be greatly appreciated .
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