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Thoughts from a prior muscle car owner - new to power sports - and intent on buying a 2020 IF the Manual Option Remains:
-Man - the front end and lighting is stunning. Absolutely awesome
-Not sure about the rear fender and perhaps that is ONLY on the Grand Touring/Roof model shown
-More and more I am guessing I am in the minority thinking this vehicle should ONLY be a Manual Transmission. It's about control, feeling the road and being completely tuned in to the vehicle. I fear an Auto Trans will turn this into a vehicle for the masses. I personally don't want to drive up to a stop light with my 70 year old neighbor Edith is beside me in the automatic....I mean to say - this should remain a vehicle for the true,avid power sport consumer. Don't mean to offend anyone here - I want a barrier to entry that you must drive the sporty manual version. There I said it...
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