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I just picked mine up today. It is beautiful.
As you all know, I am undergoing a learning curve.

I come from Harleys. My last being a TriGlide. Harley Ultras use harman kardon BOOM!™ BOX radios. I am glad to get away from them. But with a mod, they had a very good BT setup. Harley came out with a thing called the WHIM that managed the relationship between the helmet, phone and radio bluetooth. A WHIM is basically

How it worked is that the phone, and both helmets were paired to the WHIM which managed the the connection to the radio.

  • My wife and I could talk with each other through he intercom
  • both of us could listen to whatever was on the radio
  • we were able to play music from the phone or USB memory stick.
  • we could make and accept phone calls.
  • I could receive texts and see them on my screen. (I could not send though)
I am trying to set up the SS this way. Bluetooth is not even mentioned in the owner's manual. I have paired my phone (Google Pixel 3XL)
My Helmet : Boom Audio No2 Full Faced Helmet with the Built-in Sena 30K Bluetooth® communication system
My wife has the 20s EVO on her helmet. And I have another 20s EVO that AI wear with the half helmet.

I am looking for the subject matter expert on this topic.

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