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2016 slingshot is dead

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I went to start my slingshot yesterday for the first time and it would not do anything. So i worked on it for about 3 hours after charging the battery. It still would not start and i no there is power at the starter i check the solenoid and i got it to turn but it would not engage the started. Today i decided to tow it do the road to start it. Me and my neighbor went about a mile with the machine clutch out in 3rd gear and it did not pop once.
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Yeah, if the battery had much of a charge (anything over 10.5V or so) it should have started from the tow/push start. Maybe you have a blown fuse somewhere. Did you hear the fuel pump priming the system?
Glad you got it started, but I'd keep an eye on your battery, just in case.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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