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2015 Polaris Slingshot,

8739 miles currently.
Third owner (first bought with under 1000, I bought with 5000 miles)
No accidents
Always stored indoors
Maintenance up to date

Minor damage on the front due to a fight with the garage door (see pictures)
Wiring might need to be redone for the accessory fuse box as the Trackmate will drain the battery occasionally, but I do provide a portable jumper.
Brake Failure sensor JUST broke (common issue, any dealer will fix).

More pictures:
Add-ons: $3760+ in parts. The first thing I did was make it more comfortable to drive by adding PRP SS seats and F4 Tinted 5" Windshield, which is a world of difference.

Digital Guard Dawg Keyless Ignition / Start System w/ 2 fobs ($276)
DDMWorks Adjustable Master Cylinder Support Brace ($109)
F4 Tinted / Non Tinted Windshield +5” ($615)
Paramount Plastics Stealth Hood Vent Heat Extractor ($84)
FZ-1 Fuse Block Installation Harness ($56)
FZ-1 Accessory Fuse Block ($90)
Curb-Alert System ($150)
NRG E-Brake Replacement Handle ($28)
Status Racing Marine Vinyl E-Brake Boot ($45)
PRP Side Storage Bags ($90)
PRP Glove Box Line ($70)
PRP Fitted Seat Storage Bag ($89)
High Density Replacement Hood Pads ($20)
Aluminum Transmission Dust Cover ($13)
Twist Dynamics Leather Shift Knob ($60)
Foamskinz Center Console Arm Rest, reads “SLINGSHOT” ($65)
Status Racing Marine Vinyl Shift Boot ($30)
PRP SS Style Suspension Seats ($1300)
Peel & Stick Convex Side View Mirror Kit ($90)
Mo-Door In-Dash Garage Door Opener ($100)
E-Bay Cold Air Intake ($170)
Assault Industries Steering Wheel ($150)
Assault Industries Jump Kit ($60)
Plus helmet, radio, original parts, and some other stuff.
Trackmate GPS

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