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Hey all, there is a Slingshot ride tomorrow Saturday August 22nd! We'll be starting in San Jose at Spirit Motorcycles, eating breakfast, then riding to the Corbin factory for a tour and lunch! Here are the details from the organizer:
(Spirit Motorcycles San Jose Riding Group)

You are all kindly invited to our founding Members meeting on Sat August 22th 9AM at Spirit Motorcycles San Jose – 460 Meridian Ave. San Jose . After the meeting we will do our first Ride. The objective of the meeting is to meet each other, have a nice breakfast – sponsored by Spirit Motorcycles – share the Group objectives, and assess whether you would like to join the group.

We welcome everybody who would like to participate, either as a rider member or/and as an officer. If anybody is keen to take an officer position please let me know in advance or after our meeting. The meeting will take about an hour, and then we ride.

- President

- Vice President

- Secretary

- VP of Membership

- Treasurer

- VP Webpage admin

- VP of Photography / Video

Check out the event page here: Spirit Motorcycles San Jose Riding Group

And come join us!
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