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I took my SL in to the dealer for the 500 mile service today. Here are a few things I wanted to share.

First: I asked them to check the wires in the steering column that I had read were doubled over and pinched, and the wires that may be rubbing or catching in there. They did and corrected it. Thank you to those who posted that info. on here, otherwise I would not have known to ask about it.

Next: I had noticed (when the music was turned down) an annoying squeaking coming from the steering column. They found that the horn ring needed to be adjusted. That corrected the problem. I had not read of anyone else having that issue, so I wanted to share in case it pops up for anyone.

At the conclusion of the service they hooked a lap top up to the SS, conducted a test of some sort, and sent a report to Polaris, with the Certified mechanic/technicians number. I think it's cool for Polaris to be tracking this information to help identify any quality issues that may still pop up. Just my thought.

Final item: Encountered my first "JERK" regarding the SS this morning while dropping it off. As soon as I parked and got out, removing my helmet and stuff, he pulled in next to me and came right over to the driver's side and stated running his hands over the red plastic, near where the drive would get in. I told him that it was mine and that I had placed a deposit about 5 months ago. Thinking he would get the hint.
He continued touching and said he had been reading about these on the net and started asking were the armrest was for the drivers left arm (armrest? WTH). I was a little shocked that a MC guy would come right over and start fingering my ride. I told him the drivers left arm would be steering. He replied "So you keep both hands on the wheel all of the time?" I said no the right hand would be shifting. He just stood there rubbing my SS, and started to ask another question. I cut him off and said, "Please don't touch it. They have a demo right over there." as nice as I could. He got all pissy and said "I appreciate your attitude", and walked away in a huff. I just smiled and checked for scratches where he had been stroking my SS. Thankfully all was okay.
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