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I am a mechanical engineer so I really believe in numbers for interpretation and i love putting things to the test!!! We Are proud to offer LSS Performance exhaust on our website. This exhaust was designed to maximize performance while giving a mean and demanding growl. It also looks cool when it spits fire at red line! This exhaust system was created while basically on a dyno. Many modifications took place to achieve +10 rwhp and +16 rwtq. This system is header and magnaflow muffler but is not for the weak hearted. It is loud and intimidating. The optional baffle reduces drone and decibels.
  • Torque Gain: +16.09 rwtq
  • Horsepower Gain: +9.74 rwhp
  • db @idle: 75db stock to 81db
  • db @3000 rpm: 87db stock to 93db
  • db max: 102db stock to 119db
  • temp difference at idle: -6.3F
  • temp difference at 60mph with speed control: -17.5F
**db measured from passenger compartment with no hood on.**
**temp measured at passenger compartment with infrared thermometer ~30 min after start up

Wish I could test the smell or air content but do not have the equipment needed lol. This system bolts directly on and require no other parts. you will also be supplied with a gasket. Comes with a full color write up and is a 40 min install. Stock sensor is used with no modifications to slingshot at all!

Selling price is $850 but next 5 orders will receive $60 off by using coupon code 60off.

Sound clips are deceiving but our Instagram @pimpmyslingshot has plenty and I plan to get one posted here soon.
454845_43d23e559edf4aa99bb244daee9b18b6.jpg 454845_1dfa5d9e5f4d425f9616900073c91c49.jpg IMG_20150702_090035.jpg
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