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  1. F4 Customs Inc is moving to Florida

    Polaris Slingshot Discussions
    To our valued customers and friends, F4 Customs Inc. is relocating all of its operations to Punta Gorda, Florida. Our shipping and receiving will be closed beginning April 11th and we will start shipping products again no later than May 4th. Our sales and customer service departments will be...
  2. F4 Customs demo shields on sale

    Polaris Slingshot Discussions
    We currently have a few demo shields for sale at our warehouse. Give us a call if you are interested at 330-968-4644 and ask for Kim or Rusty We have the following: 2-Plus 5 Clear normally $565 these now at $450 each 1-Plus 3" Tint normally $555 this one is now $440 2- Stock Clear normally $440...
  3. F4 Customs Slingshot Plus 5" Clear Demo Special

    Polaris Slingshot Discussions
    Alicia our GM just told me she has two Slingshot Plus 5 Clear that our brand-new with a spec or two in them that she is discounting out by $85 and free shipping so if your looking for a great purchase give he a call at 330-968-4644
  4. Larger windshields by F4 Customs available

    Polaris Slingshot Discussions
    These photos were provided by our customers. If you hover over the picture with your cursor you will see what size it is. Thanks Folks!
  5. Air Wings for your slingshot

    Polaris Slingshot Discussions
    Keep in mind that F4 Customs has Air Wings available for you slingshot that can either be mounted to your roll bar for your top or to the windshield. These are a great way to get air in the cockpit or get air off your shoulders on those cool nights. Call 330-968-4644 or visit us on the web at...
  6. F4 Customs Windshields

    West and West Coast Slingshot Owners
    Are there many of you on the west coasts that ride with F4 Customs Windshields?
  7. Slingshots at Americade?

    F4 Customs
    Hoping to see a lot of you at Americade The F4 Customs replacement windshield is perfect for those who want more wind protection than the stock height offers, but want to look over the shield. f4customs.com Call us at 330 968 4644 Thickness: .177" Highly Scratch Resistant Rain Shedding...
  8. Polaris Slingshot Windshields by F4 Customs Inc

    F4 Customs
    Windshields for Polaris Slingshot Visit us at f4customs.com Or give us a Call 330 968 4644 Thanks! "UPGRADE JUST DON'T REPLACE" F4 Customs motorcycle windshields are manufactured from the Highest Grade of OpticalPoly-Carbonate for amazing clarity, excellent Rain Shedding, Chemical and...
  9. Want to Buy F4 plus 5 windshield

    ISO lightly used F4 plus 5 in good condition. Tinted preferably but clear is also welcome. I'm in Massachusetts
  10. Sold! Stock tinted windshield from 2016 SL LE slingshot $50

    For Sale
    I have a good condition tinted stock windshield for sale. $50 buyer pays for shipping only selling windshield / no hardware included.
  11. Why purchase a F4 Customs windshield for your Polaris Slingshot

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    Many folks have asked the question why purchase a F4 Customs windshield for my Slingshot so I decided to write this post. Here at F4 Customs Inc. we manufacture 5 different height windshields for your Polaris Slingshot (Stock, 3", 5",7", and 9" taller than stock). You can purchase either clear...
  12. What material are F4 windshields made from?

    F4 Customs
    The base material is poly carbonate, otherwise known as Lexan®. However F4 utilizes the highest optical grade poly carbonate available which is a UV stabilized material to help prevent it from drying out and becoming brittle over time. f4customs.com Give us a Call today and see how F4 can...
  13. How do I pick the proper shield for me?

    F4 Customs
    How do I pick the proper shield for me? Give us a call @ 330 968 4644 or visit f4customs.com Thanks! This is the age old question, “do I look through the windshield or over the top”. It has been our experience with any other windshield due to clarity and rain shedding you should look over the...

    Slingshot Body Kits
    In just a couple weeks, up to a couple hundred of us will gather in the Ozarks for another amazing Slingshot event at Eureka Springs! All items at www.ssbodykits.com , tow dollies, windshields, tops and more will be available at 15 % off. However we realize not all can make Eureka Springs and so...

    Slingshot Body Kits
    I had posted the roof concept plans for the new roofs we will have done and available for Maggie Valley a couple weeks ago, and since had promised pictures of the finalized plug design. We will now be moving forward to perfecting the rough body work and begin production mold construction this...
  16. Holiday Sale at F4 Customs Windshields

    Polaris Slingshot Discussions
    F4 Customs is having a Holiday Sale that runs till Dec. 31st 2016. Get 15% off and $25.00 shipping on any F4 Customs windshields. F4 is the shield that is highly scratch resistant even with steel wool, sheds rain, and is high optics poly-carbonate. Don't miss this sale! Use the code Holiday16 to...
  17. Sold! F4 +3 Tinted Windshield

    For Sale
    I am selling an F4 Plus 3 Tinted windshield in perfect condition. Has about 30 miles on it, no scratches etc. Comes with the F4 mounting grommets, mounting bolts would be user supplied (same with any new windshield). Price is $250 shipped, I live in St Pete Fl and would sell for $200 if...
  18. F4 Customs - All Three Winshield Options Installed and Reviewed!

    Are you on the fence about getting a new windshield? Do you want more information about how they perform? If so, the wait is over! :) I tested all three windshields available by F4 Customs and I created a detailed review about how they perform. I've also created an easy to follow install...