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  1. Polaris Slingshot Accessories and Appearance
    I have researched this a little, but no one has asked quite this question. I don't like roofs- my ss replaced a bike. I like the occasional bug on my forehead and to be able to see 'everywhere'. However, my oncologist says no bikes, or trikes, or convertible cars (no sun). So it's sell our...
  2. Polaris Slingshot Discussions
    We are getting ready for the Daytona Bike Week starting March 8th for 10 days. We will be located at the Speedway. If you are considering a new windshield or Airwings for your Slingshot give us a call at 330-968-4644 and we will be sure to have one set aside for you at the show. Hope to see you...
  3. DDMWorks
    The ripper windshields that were installed by Polaris on the Slingshot looked great, but had no support. We have had a lot of customers ask us for a windshield mount made specifically for them, since the stock mounts will not work. Our new ripper windshield mount is made specifically for the...
1-3 of 4 Results