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  1. Ceramic Coating Header and Exhaust

    Polaris Slingshot Engine and Performance
    Guys, I am about to install a WP Dual Exhaust and 1320 Header. Has anyone ceramic coated them? If so, what color and have you seen improvement in heat? Also, sharing pictures would be helpful. Thanks!!
  2. Welter Performance SOLAR ECLIPSE SPECIAL

    Welter Performance
    Our shop is located in Sikeston, MO. Only 30 miles south of the path of totality for Mondays eclipse. We're offering $100 off for installs done in our shop August 20,21,22 ONLY. You can even watch the eclipse from our parking lot! If you are traveling to view the eclipse this is a great...
  3. Welter Performance booking installs for Biketoberfest

    Polaris Slingshot Discussions
    Call me today at 1-877-455-3089 option 1 to book your install at Biketoberfest in Daytona. October 13-16 This will be the last event we will be attending this year. Angie
  4. DDMWorks Supercharger and Welter Exhaust - 318HP

    Polaris Slingshot Forced Induction
    We were very happy to get one of the early 2.5" Welter Performance dual exhaust setups to test with our DDMWorks supercharged Slingshots and we are pretty happy with the results. While driving the exhaust is still able to be heard, but since it exits behind the Slingshot now, it makes cruising...
  5. Testing Welter Performance Supercharger Exhaust

    We just received and unboxed our New Welter Performance 2.5 inch Supercharger Exhaust for testing with our Rotrex Supercharger kit.