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  1. Profitability of Slingshot

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    I wrote this little case study, tell me what you think! https://www.polaris-slingshot-rentals.com/post/polaris-slingshot-turo-profit
  2. Scathing Slingshot review....

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    Yet another clueless person reviews the SS. I am surprised at Tavarish's comments. He is usually pretty spot on. If you have high blood pressure, you may not want to watch this. ;) And if you rent out your Slingshot on Turo (Cristian A.)….this may be your actual bike.
  3. Turo and the SS

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    Ive been trying since I purchased my SS to rent it out on Turo. I’ve been running into the issue of the 2018 not being on there to list, all other years are. I’ve been back and forth with Turo and their insurance company trying to figure out if/when they will have the option. First I was getting...