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  1. DDMWorks
    Ever wanted to see what it's like to rip around a race track in a Slingshot? Here a quick lap at Roebling Road Raceway in our Stage 3 turbo Polaris Slingshot -
  2. DDMWorks
    We are really excited to release our latest forced induction kit for the Polaris Slingshot, our Stage 1 kit! This kit is designed to give a lot of performance for the most affordable price. We worked a lot on making sure this kit was going to be easy to install, provide a big punch of power...
  3. For Sale
    Hey all: I am a new user to the forum but longtime follower. I have listed my 2016 Bill Hahn Stage 2x Turbo Slingshot for sale. Price: $25,500.00. -Magnaflow exhaust -Fully upgraded Bill Hahn State 2x intercooled turbo kit -Under 3000 miles Link to local craiglist ad with pictures: 2016...
1-3 of 3 Results