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  1. ZZP Stage 1 Turbo Kit $1600 - Used

    For Sale
    Used ZZP Stage 1 Turbo kit with less than 100 miles on the kit since it was installed. Includes everything we removed and what is needed to bolt the kit onto your Slingshot. We are also including the oil pan we removed during the swap, which will make your installation easier. Although all of...
  2. DDMWorks Turbo Slingshot Track Video

    Ever wanted to see what it's like to rip around a race track in a Slingshot? Here a quick lap at Roebling Road Raceway in our Stage 3 turbo Polaris Slingshot -
  3. Stage 1 turbo kit for Polaris Slingshot by DDMWorks $2995

    We are really excited to release our latest forced induction kit for the Polaris Slingshot, our Stage 1 kit! This kit is designed to give a lot of performance for the most affordable price. We worked a lot on making sure this kit was going to be easy to install, provide a big punch of power...

    Polaris Slingshot Engine and Performance
    We have been working on some new products over the winter and early spring and one of the first ones we are introducing is a new turbo offering, the DDMWorks Stage 1 turbo kit. We are super excited about this kit and have worked hard to make this kit upgradable and adaptable to as many options...
  5. Sold! Alpha Powersport Top Mount Turbo Kit

    For Sale
    Alpha Powersport Slingshot Top Mount Turbo Kit For Sale - $3,800 OBO Rare kit with only a couple of thousands of miles on it. Selling my Slingshot, so parting out the expensive items from it. This is your chance to own the most unique and one of the nicest turbo kits made for the Slingshot. -...
  6. Anyone install new valve springs and cams?

    Polaris Slingshot Discussions
    Like the title says, have any of you guys installed new valve springs and cams on your sling? I'll be installing new valve springs on my sling in the next few days (due to the valves floating from some extra boost) and want some input on how the job went. -What tool did you use to compress the...
  7. For Sale 2015 Titanium Grey Custom Turbo Slingshot - FOR SALE $18,500 OBO

    For Sale
    FOR SALE: 2015 Polaris Slingshot Custom Turbo It has come time to move on to new hobbies and sell my Slingshot. I am the original owner and it is very well known in the Slingshot community. It has won “Most Modified”, “Best in Show”, and holds several Slingshot track (road course) records in...
  8. DDMWorks Rotrex Slingshot Supercharger kits are in stock!

    Great News! Our supply bottleneck with Rotrex has been taken care of and supercharger kits are in stock now! This is the ultra reliable kit we have been selling now for a couple years that has everything needed to bolt a Rotrex supercharger to the Slingshot engine. If you are on the fence...
  9. For Sale Turbo 2016 sling

    For Sale
    Hi everyone, I have a 2016 slingshot. Carbon gray but currently is wrapped. 20 inch motiv wheels. 2x Hahn turbo kit with side pipe exhaust. Tuned by Hahn and professionally installed. Bike has 12k miles and turbo was installed at 5k miles. Ssv speaker pods with sony speakers and head unit. F4 +3...
  10. Sold! Alpha Powersport Stage 2 Turbo Kit - Custom Items Included

    For Sale
    FOR SALE: Alpha Stage 2 Turbo Kit Installed in 2015 and has around 10k miles on kit. This kit has a lot of custom touches and performs flawlessly. I have ran the kit from 5psi all the way to 15psi on my built motor. I would suggest running it at 8-9psi and using a Hallman manual boost...
  11. Want to Buy Auto turbo sling.or handicap accessible

    I’m a disabled vet..wheelchair bound and would have a hard time getting in,so if someone has one already modded in a manner I feel comfortable with I would be interested..that said MY main interest is in a fully converted auto turbo sling.... So in order of interest.. 1) handicap accessible...
  12. Alpha Stage I Turbo Kit Help

    Polaris Slingshot Forced Induction
    Hello fellow Slingshot owners, this is my first time posting on here, but i've read through a lot of the forums. I recently purchased the AFI Slingshot 2.4 Ecotec Stage I Turbo Kit directly from alphafabindustries.com. The kit arrived this past Saturday, and is missing many items. Can anyone...
  13. Something new is coming from DDMWorks

    We are finishing up a new offering here and doing some of the final testing and tuning on it now, more information coming next week
  14. Track Day Videos

    Polaris Slingshot Racing
    Here is the latest track day video from Wild Horse Pass East track. Had a lot of fun in session 2 following around an older Hennessey Viper. Lap times weren't crazy fast, as we dealt with quite a bit of slower traffic and pass on courtesy. Next event is over Thanksgiving weekend at the...
  15. Sold! New alpha turbo kit

    For Sale
  16. Need some help with hoses on Turbo

    Polaris Slingshot Forced Induction
    I'm finishing up the Alpha turbo kit, but since the instructions are very bad, I need some help identifying where/how these hoses get connected. From the attached pic: 1 - This line is coming from the BOV, and I put a T in it for my Innovative SCG-1 gauge. Does this get plugged into the...
  17. Suggested Gauges for Turbo?

    Polaris Slingshot Forced Induction
    I need to order gauges for my Alpha turbo and would like to know which ones to get? I'm trying to keep everything waterproof if possible. I figured I'd get the Alpha gauge panel on the center windshield bracket, but if there are other options please let me know.
  18. Will a Slingshot keep up with a BMW M3...? - Track Day Video

    Polaris Slingshot Photos/Videos
    Found an old track day video on my GoPro when I was trying to figure out some corrupt file issues. I have ran with a few M3s on the track and a turbo Slingshot is a good match. Running up to around 130mph on the long straight away. If anyone around AZ is interested in track days, I will be...
  19. What do you prefer, turbo or supercharger?

    Polaris Slingshot Engine and Performance
    I have a new 2017 SS base, which I am starting to customize. With all the kits out there now, I thought there would be more talk in this area here. I could not find any threads on this discussion so figured I'd start a poll and get your opinions on what you think is better.
  20. Alpha Turbo Group Buy! Save $600

    Alpha Powersport
    With the success of our supercharger group buy, we decided we should show some love to those who want a turbo system. That being said, we are opening a group buy for 10 turbo kits! This will be our standard kit set at 6psi with our race exhaust, this will be good for 250whp. This kit has been...