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  1. Stage 1 turbo kit for Polaris Slingshot by DDMWorks $2995

    We are really excited to release our latest forced induction kit for the Polaris Slingshot, our Stage 1 kit! This kit is designed to give a lot of performance for the most affordable price. We worked a lot on making sure this kit was going to be easy to install, provide a big punch of power...

    Polaris Slingshot Engine and Performance
    We have been working on some new products over the winter and early spring and one of the first ones we are introducing is a new turbo offering, the DDMWorks Stage 1 turbo kit. We are super excited about this kit and have worked hard to make this kit upgradable and adaptable to as many options...
  3. DDMWorks Rotrex Slingshot Supercharger kits are in stock!

    Great News! Our supply bottleneck with Rotrex has been taken care of and supercharger kits are in stock now! This is the ultra reliable kit we have been selling now for a couple years that has everything needed to bolt a Rotrex supercharger to the Slingshot engine. If you are on the fence...
  4. Sold! Hahn Turbo for Sale

    For Sale
    Slighty used Hahn Turbo for sale. All you need including a brand new exhaust. Hydrodipped red. The only thing missing is the boost guage and air/fuel guage. Will sacrifice for $1995 + shipping. Phone 337-496-8916 and leave message PS - Forgot you will have to have ECU reflashed for...
  5. Sold! Alpha Turbo Kit - Black wrinkle with Extras

    For Sale
    We have another used Alpha turbo kit we removed that is a really nice kit available for sale. The customer had it installed for a couple thousand miles as you can tell by the condition of the tubes and other parts in the pictures. Alpha advertises this kit as making 254HP and 272 ft/lbs of...
  6. How to build your own turbo kt

    Polaris Slingshot Forced Induction
    Hi everyone, I came upon an interesting forum about the 2.4. Here is a thread on building your own turbo kit for those that are way more daring than I. Barry
  7. Sold! Alpha Turbo Kit - Brand New Turbo

    For Sale
    We have another Alpha turbo kit for sale. This customer had a brand new turbo that was never installed on his Slingshot as you can tell by the condition of the turbo in the pictures, this turbo is perfect. The other parts including the tubes do show some slight wear from rubbing that is common...
  8. New install of a DDM Works supercharger kit - AWESOME!!!

    I just wanted to write a quote post about the installation and information about the actual kit itself. I called Dave at DDM Works - they did not have any supercharger units in stock. They had all the rest of the pieces of kits ready to roll and were waiting on the rotrax unit itself. I was in a...
  9. Sold! Alpha Turbo Kit

    For Sale
    We have a customer that upgraded from the Alpha turbo kit to our DDMWorks Rotrex supercharger kit and so we have this really nice kit available for sale. The customer only had it installed for a couple hundred miles as you can tell by the condition of the tubes and other parts in the pictures...
  10. Rev Dynamics Custom Slingshot Phase 1 Complete.....Turbo, air ride, custom paint, wheels

    Rev Dynamics
    Just wrapped up the slingshot and was able to photograph it this weekend. Design, custom paint, air suspension, turbo, and all custom work was all done in house by myself. Really happy with the pictures and will be posting quite a few more on here as well as video. For any custom project or...
  11. Stage 1 turbo kit

    West and West Coast Slingshot Owners
    Does anyone in California have the alpha powersport stage 1 turbo kit? If so does it pass smog? Do you even have to smog the slingshot? I have not purchased one yet but I'm getting ready to