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  1. Want to Buy 2015 Base Model Tires/Rims

    I'm located in Illinois, willing to potentially drive and pick them up or have them shipped depending on the overall cost. I specifically need the rear tire. But if you dont want to sell just the rear then I'm open to buying the set. Let me know!
  2. For Sale Stock Wheels and Tires for sale 300 miles Perfect Condition $300

    For Sale
    Stock Wheels and Tires off a 2017 ... No scratches no marks ... 100% perfect and less than 300 miles on them ... $300
  3. For Sale Base SS front wheels and tires

    For Sale
    These wheels were driven home from the dealer and replaced with SL wheels and tires. Here is your chance to pick up the wheel and tire for less than the price of a new tire (about $165, try the link below). This also gives you the benefit to have wheels ready when you need them. And when you...
  4. Bad News! Toyo R888 is Going Away...

    Polaris Slingshot Wheels and Tires
    Ordering my new track tires and found out that Toyo is not producing the R888 anymore. They are moving forward with only the R888r. GONE REPLACEMENT This is really bad news for the Slingshot owners that don't want to run an asymmetric tire in the rear. This isn't a good street tire...

    Polaris Slingshot Wheels and Tires
    just saw this link on ebay ... just trying to help others out if someone need rims and wheels for 1600 from ALL chrome wheels : 2015 POLARIS SLINGSHOT CHORME 22 INCH 2CRAVE WHEELS/RIMS AND TIRES BRAND NEW!
  6. Monster Rear! I like big butts!

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    I'm lovin this!
  7. 2016 SL 20' Rim Needed

    Looking for the 2016 20' inch stock wheel. PM me for additional details. Thanks