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  1. 4th of July Suspension Sale!!

    Polaris Slingshot Suspension and Brakes
    Buy Twist Dynamics Double or Triple Adjustable Shocks and get a FREE* Twist Sway Bar! ($229.99 MSRP) OFFER VALID ONLINE ONLY. EXPIRES: 7/31/2018 *Free Sway Bar comes in Black. $50 for color upgrade. **Cannot be retroactively applied to previous orders**
  2. Tire Space Between Shocks

    Polaris Slingshot Wheels and Tires
    I'm looking to upgrade my suspension from stock to aftermarket (probably JRI GT). JRI says their shocks may as wide or a little wider than stock. Right now I have a 345 tire so there's NO ROOM TO SPARE. Anybody know the widest I can go with aftermarket shocks?
  3. Sold! FREE - Stock SL LE Shocks - RED!!!!

    For Sale
    I replaced my stock SL LE shocks with JRI shocks and i no longer need the stock RED shocks that came with the slingshot - for someone who wants to just replace he stock black shocks with the red ones they can use these. If you pay the shipping costs you can have them for free - otherwise i will...
  4. **Official Group Buy** DDM Short Shifter / Bilstein Suspension CLOSED

    Everyone, Earlier today I visited the thread "I would probably buy ______ if it was slightly cheaper..." Forum members were asking for slightly better prices on items, specifically the DDM Works Short Shifter and the Bilstein Coilover Suspension. We are able to accommodate this request by...
  5. Alpha/JRi one-way adjustable shocks NEW MSRP Pricing for 2016

    Alpha Powersport
    Alpha Powersport has a new price for our one-way adjustable shocks. The NEW 2016 MSRP price for this kit is $990.00. This suspension setup is perfect for owners who wants a better ride than OEM but does not desire to adjust damping. The ride will feel sportier than stock. The features on these...