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  1. New Product - Polaris Slingshot Stage 3 cams by DDMWorks

    Polaris Slingshot Stage 3 Performance Cams by DDMWorks The Polaris Slingshot Stage 3 supercharger cams are designed specifically for the DDMWorks Rotrex supercharger kit on the 2.4L Ecotec. This intake and exhaust camshaft profile was designed to have a moderate lope at idle and offer an...
  2. DDMWorks Rotrex Slingshot Supercharger kits are in stock!

    Great News! Our supply bottleneck with Rotrex has been taken care of and supercharger kits are in stock now! This is the ultra reliable kit we have been selling now for a couple years that has everything needed to bolt a Rotrex supercharger to the Slingshot engine. If you are on the fence...
  3. What do you prefer, turbo or supercharger?

    Polaris Slingshot Engine and Performance
    I have a new 2017 SS base, which I am starting to customize. With all the kits out there now, I thought there would be more talk in this area here. I could not find any threads on this discussion so figured I'd start a poll and get your opinions on what you think is better.
  4. DDMWorks Forced Induction

    Polaris Slingshot Forced Induction
    Just stopping by to show off a few recent builds with our DDMWorks Rotrex Supercharger Kit. Two more in progress with built engines and supercharger upgrades. Stay tuned !
  5. Rotrex install and more !!

    Rotrex Supercharger install with a few extras brought to you by DDMWorks. @Slingin Dave installing the "Blower"
  6. Custom Rotrex Superchargers

    Here are some photos of our custom Rotrex Supercharger jobs. Please post photos of your slingshot with our rotrex kit installed. Powder coat options available upon request.
  7. Built Engine and Rotrex Supercharger Upgrade

    Joe is getting our DDMWorks built Engine and upgrading his DDMWorks Rotrex Supercharger kit for more POWER !!!!! :punch:
  8. Cams + Supercharger = Happiness

    We have been super busy, but finally had time to test some custom cams we had made for us and the results were pretty awesome. For those that are not super familiar with the cams on the LE5/LE9, the cams have integrated passages in the front that allow oil to flow up to and back from the cam...
  9. DDMWorks Christmas Vacation.

    Santa ( @[email protected] ) took the sleigh out a little early this year because he has so many stops to make. He left the elf ( @[email protected] ) here at the work shop to keep making more toys and so I can post about his fun adventure. First stop is in Houston Texas to build up a DDMWorks...
  10. Engine Swap and Supercharger install at Adirondack event

    It was a fun event at the Adirondacks last week and @ivor put on another great event. We had a great time talking with everyone and answering lots of questions, hope to see everyone there next year again! While we were there we did an engine swap and heard a lot of people say we were crazy to...
  11. New install of a DDM Works supercharger kit - AWESOME!!!

    I just wanted to write a quote post about the installation and information about the actual kit itself. I called Dave at DDM Works - they did not have any supercharger units in stock. They had all the rest of the pieces of kits ready to roll and were waiting on the rotrax unit itself. I was in a...
  12. DDMworks Supercharger kit installed with variable exhaust!

    Polaris Slingshot Forced Induction
    We had another visitor yesterday, @lrobbi came to visit and get his DDMworks Rotrex Supercharger kit installed. I have to say for those that have not met lrobbi yet, he is one of the niced guys you will ever meet and we were very happy to have him here with @Ayla, the fact that he brought a...
  13. 150Hp in under 2 hours

    Polaris Slingshot Forced Induction
    We had a great time here on Friday, a bunch of folks showed up for a dyno day and also a Rotrex install. It was really nice to meet @Sling Cat and have the chance to install a Rotrex supercharger on his Slingshot. We thought it would be fun to time an install this time since we haven't timed any...
  14. DDMWorks Supercharger and Welter Exhaust - 318HP

    Polaris Slingshot Forced Induction
    We were very happy to get one of the early 2.5" Welter Performance dual exhaust setups to test with our DDMWorks supercharged Slingshots and we are pretty happy with the results. While driving the exhaust is still able to be heard, but since it exits behind the Slingshot now, it makes cruising...
  15. Testing Welter Performance Supercharger Exhaust

    We just received and unboxed our New Welter Performance 2.5 inch Supercharger Exhaust for testing with our Rotrex Supercharger kit.