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  1. Sold! 2016.5 Slingshot SL LE, white pearl, upstate NY

    For Sale
    THIS IS SOLD. BASICS 2016.5 Polaris Slingshot SL LE, ~2150 miles. White Pearl. Red powdercoat frame, swingarm, suspension, & other detail. LE black wheels. Tinted ripper windshield, audio system, backup camera. $20,000 firm. All mods and original parts will be included. This is a showroom...
  2. SOLD: 2015 "Fast Orange" Slingshot SL LE | 7,300 Miles | $22,900 | Northern Virginia

    For Sale
    ***Ninja Edit: www.BuyMySling.com | www.BuyMySlingshot.com has the complete listing*** Hey chiefs, I think it's time for me to set my orange unicorn free (this summer, I'm going to get my sky diving license so I'll still have the wind in my hair - just travelling in a different trajectory...