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  1. Warranty Service

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    Hi everyone, I just scheduled my first warranty service and I'm wondering if the price is the same across the country. He explained that a full service (oil change and full system inspection) is $300 and just an oil change is $175. What have you paid?
  2. MN owners Recall and service work

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    Who is your dealer of choice for having and recall work or service work done on your slingshot. I purchased my through Tousley Motorsports, but there service dept. I feel sucks. I have called twice in the last couple days to schedule my sling for recall work and to have them replace back up...
  3. Recall parts taking too long. Do we get anything in return?

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    hello So I have been calling all the dealers in LA area and they don't have the parts and they should order it and it would take at least a month for it to be delivered And during that period Im supposed not to drive the slingshot So Are we eligible to ask for a rental car or whatever in...
  4. Where to take ur slingshot for service in bronx ny

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    i manage a place that does the full synthetic oil changes and ck all fluids $100.00 it is also same day service we also do tune-ups as well and diagnostic for bike trouble with no binding charges feel free to call me 917-412-3809 claudio we r located on Conner st in the bronx