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  1. Best place to Advertise

    Texas Slingshot Owners
    I am selling my 2016 SL, wondering where the best place is to advertise?
  2. For Sale 2016 Slingshot

    For Sale
    I posted this a few months ago, but I have an update. All recalls are completed. Still have a year remaining under factory warranty. There are 2,640 miles on it. Looks and performs like new. I'm in no rush to sell it, because I still enjoy driving up and down the California coast and in the...
  3. For Sale Selling 2016 Slingshot

    For Sale
    UPDATE: 2016 base SS. 2,600 miles. Located in SoCal (Camp Pendleton). PM me for details. I'll give my contact number to serious buyers. Polaris warranty until Feb 2018! REDUCED PRICE!!! $18,000