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  1. New SL Owner Needs Advice On Maximizing Rear-End Traction

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    Greetings, New SL owner and Forum member. I am a former 4-wheel racer (Formula Fords up to V-10 Racing Vipers) - over 30 years. To say the least, I drive my SL very aggressively everywhere and anytime it's safe to do so. The one thing I need help with is keeping the drive wheel stuck to...
  2. Want to Buy 2015 Base Model Tires/Rims

    I'm located in Illinois, willing to potentially drive and pick them up or have them shipped depending on the overall cost. I specifically need the rear tire. But if you dont want to sell just the rear then I'm open to buying the set. Let me know!
  3. Sold! Assault Industries Custom rear fender

    For Sale
    up for sale is an Assault Industries custom rear fender for the Polaris Slingshot. looks great on the bike and also keeps the bike very clean. I purchased a Slingshot emblem which is on the rear side of the fender included. Fender has been on the bike for about 600 miles. going with a 315mm...
  4. Monster Rear! I like big butts!

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    I'm lovin this!