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  1. Anyone install new valve springs and cams?

    Polaris Slingshot Discussions
    Like the title says, have any of you guys installed new valve springs and cams on your sling? I'll be installing new valve springs on my sling in the next few days (due to the valves floating from some extra boost) and want some input on how the job went. -What tool did you use to compress the...
  2. Downloaded Video of 2018 SITS Parade June 1st 2018 on YouTube

    Polaris Slingshot Photos/Videos
    Just downloaded a video of the 2018 SITS: Slingshot in the Smokies Parade Friday June 1st, 2018 on YouTube. Sorry is not the best video quality since I ran out of memory card space in my camera and had to take the video with my Samsung Galaxy 9+. youtu.be/v5udPmxWn2Y
  3. Can you beat Brandon's Personal Best??

    When you think what mods can I do to my Polaris Slingshot... a passenger side grab handle cover probably isn't first on the list. With that said.. this little mod packs a big visual punch and adds substantial comfort for the passenger when holding on for dear life as you tear up the canyons...
  4. Slingshot PLUS 3" "Tinted" Windshield

    F4 Customs
    Slingshot TINT PLUS 3" (Fits standard Slingshot with or without aftermarket top) F4CUSTOMS.COM The F4 Customs Plus 3 replacement windshield is perfect for those who want more wind protection than the stock height offers, but want to look over the shield. The Plus 3 is: 3" Taller than...
  5. The Cyber Monday Sale at F4 Customs

    F4 Customs
    The Cyber Monday Sale at F4 Customs Starting 11/22/17 Through 11/27/2017 10% off and Free Shipping Site-Wide Coupon Code: Thanks17 10% off
  6. Alternative Subwoofer Enclosure Location for the Polaris Slingshot!!

    If you're looking to maximize sound in your Polaris Slingshot, you may consider adding one of these Fiberglass Passenger Side Under Dash 6.5" Subwoofer Enclosures by Underground Auto. Up until now, the only way to add sub woofers to your Slingshot was by utilizing your rear storage compartments...
  7. Carbon Fiber Replacement Rear Deck Humps for the Polaris Slingshot Back in Stock!!

    The Carbon Fiber Rear Deck Humps for the Polaris Slingshot are here. These pieces look absolutely stunning in person and really dress up the rear end of the Slingshot. They're 100% real carbon fiber and coated with a clear resin to give that race inspired look the Slingshot yearns for...
  8. Twist Dynamics Billet Aluminum Engine Cap Set for the Polaris Slingshot!!

    Add some bling to your Polaris Slingshot Engine Bay with this 6 Piece Billet Aluminum Engine Cap Set by Twist Dynamics. This Slingshot cap set is powder coated for longevity and is available in all production Slingshot paint colors. Some of the billet caps are screw on replacement caps for your...
  9. Scosche Aftermarket Stereo Power Harness w/ OEM Backup Camera Integration for the Polaris Slingshot!

    Easily Upgrade your Polaris Slingshot Stereo Receiver with this Plug and Play Stereo Power Wiring Harness with built in OEM Camera Integration Module. This harness allows you to pull 12V+ Full Time, 12V+ Ignition and Ground from the existing wiring harness that is behind the dash on all...
  10. Twist Dynamics Billet Aluminum Gas Cap for the Polaris Slingshot!!

    Introducing the Twist Dynamics Powder Coated Aluminum Gas Cap for the Polaris Slingshot. If you're looking for a "color matched" gas cap for your Polaris Slingshot, look no further. This gas cap is priced right and is available in most current Slingshot paint colors. It's a direct replacement to...
  11. UnderGround Auto Styling Passenger Side Under Dash Stash Box for the Polaris Slingshot!!

    UnderGround Auto Styling is maximizing storage in the Polaris Slingshot with this fiberglass under dash stash box. This storage box fits perfectly under the passenger side glove box and comes with a marine style water tight storage door so that you can easily access your personal belongings...
  12. VooDoo Fab Front Bumper and Grille Builder for the Polaris Slingshot + Discount!!

    VooDoo Fab & Bullet Speed and Design have teamed up to launch the first front bumper system for the Polaris Slingshot. Not only does this product increase safety but bolts up directly to you factory front end mounting holes for an easy installation and a dramatic facelift. The product is...
  13. UnderGround Auto Styling Inside Arm Rest Speaker Pods for the Polaris Slingshot!!

    The one thing most Slingshot owners will agree on is that it's quite loud in the cabin while driving. If you'd like to really hear your music while driving at freeway speeds.. these inward facing arm rest speaker pods by UA are a great option for you. They're constructed of solid hand laid...
  14. Peel & Stick Rear Body Panel Accent Kit for the Polaris Slingshot + Discount!!

    The unfinished look of the Polaris Slingshot rear end has bothered us here at SlingMods since day one. We've partnered up with Tufskinz to design an 13 Piece Peel & Stick colored accent kit for the majority of the back end. This product is available in Real Glossy & Flat Carbon Fiber as well as...
  15. Surprised No One Has Posted Yet..

    We discovered on Polaris website early this afternoon, some new color options for belt guards, grill, fender, etc in the Polaris Slingshot Style Store.. Three new colors appear to be in coming soon for 2018 with the already released line up. No images of the direct color on the Slingshot or...
  16. Personalized Motorcycle License Plate Frame Designer with Customizable Text Field + Contest!!

    Every motorcycle owner wants to set their bike apart from the rest of the pack. Our online motorcycle license plate frame designer allows you to express your individuality without breaking the bank. Each frame is made to order, and allows you to not only select the plate frame color but also...
  17. Colored Triangular Peel & Stick Hood Emblem Inserts for the Polaris Slingshot!

    Match your Slingshot color profile by adding these 3 simple triangular inserts over your existing Polaris Slingshot hood emblem. This is one of those small touches that makes a huge difference and makes other Sling owners scratch their head as to what looks different. Installation takes minutes...
  18. Peel & Stick Rear Storage Compartment Door Accent Kit for the Polaris Slingshot + Discount!!

    Bling out your Polaris Slingshot Rear Storage Compartment Doors with this Peel & Stick Accent kit by Tufskinz. These pieces are installed in minutes by simply cleaning the area with an alcohol prep pad, and applying the pieces with the 3M double sided adhesive backing tape. Save 10% off this...
  19. JL Audio Front Speaker Pods & Sub Enclosure now available for Pre-Order!!

    JL Audio has stepped into the Polaris Slingshot audio game with their new loaded Stealthbox front speaker enclosures. These Stealth Series Front Kick Pods are constructed of 100% fiberglass and formed to hug your side frame rails with the included hardware kit. Each sealed enclosure houses the...
  20. NavAtlas Aluminum Double Din Stereo Dash Mounting Kit Available for Pre-Order!

    Slingshot Body Kits
    We've partnered up with NavAtlas to bring you an aluminum double din stereo dash mounting kit for your Polaris Slingshot. This double din kit is by far the simplest to install out of the double din's we currently carry. The NavAtlas kit mounts from the front and holds in place using the (4)...