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  1. For Sale
    Took the Madstad ones off and put DDM ones on instead. Installation instructions on Slingshotonly.com or youtube. You will be reusing the oem bolts and bushings. $150 shipped to US48.
  2. For Sale
    Ok this is the story, I found a company that was making a madstad alternative windshield. Big advantage with this unit is the adjust on the fly.While driving twist the center knob and the whole windshield raises or lowers. This is the twist and tilt, I have a 9" pictured below( for example)...
  3. For Sale
    Well the time is up, and I am selling my Slingshot. Started as a 2015 SL model, but has had a ton of upgrades and mods done to it. Here is a copy of my craigslist ad. I know most of you are familiar enough with the slingshot, but the ad was written for those not completely in the know. I am...
  4. MadStad Engineering
    I am looking for the dimensions of the painted/powder-coated center section of the MadStad Stinger Roof for Polaris Slingshot. Specifically, I am looking for the rearmost width of this piece when installed. I am also seeking the distance between the rearmost screws (side to side) holding this...
  5. Polaris Slingshot Discussions
    I have the F4+3 and like it a lot. I see over the top at 6'6'' tall and it pushes most of the air over my head. I could imagine baking in the slingshot with a plus 5, at least I catch a little airflow over the windshield (plus, I like looking over not through). The problem is, the F4 windshield...
  6. MadStad Engineering
    Hey guys Blair over at your HQ dropped the ball on shipping a larger windshield when he was supposed to which really put a damper on my road trip. The windshield would have been in before the road trip I was going to take and my rider had just had sinus surgery and because it didn't get shipped...
  7. Polaris Slingshot Accessories and Appearance
    We've decided to add a few new colors to our lineup of MadStad adjustable blade windshields and to help kick this off we're going to put all of our Slingshot windshield systems on sale for 10% off through February 1! This is a rare event and with the upcoming introduction of our new Stinger...
  8. Polaris Slingshot Accessories and Appearance
    OK folks, we want to announce our own roof system done the MadStad way. Here's a peek at the first version: Notice anything different about our Slingshot top? I'll bet you do, but that's only the beginning. Feast your squinties on this video: More photos and info to follow.
1-9 of 9 Results