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  1. 3 questions with three photos

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    My hood opened about 90% of the time on the first try. I thought I might improve things by installing the rubber bumpers. I’m lost. Should the bumper be located at A or B? on the photo. I’ve seen photos of both locations. I think this required a ½ in hole. Is the bumper by the windshield...
  2. Repairing or reinforcing crack hood with a clothespin

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    I found that using half of a plastic clothespins is a perfect fit for the area of the hood that tends to crack. They are firm and will not bend. These can be put on without having to remove the hood. In addition to reinforcing the hood, it will also prevents the hood from being opened...
  3. Orange Peal paint quality on hood 2016 LE

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    question is it common for the paint finish on the hood most easy to see on my 2016 LE to have an orange peal finish? Orange peel (effect) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia or What is Orange Peel? And How do You Fix it? the other panels are not as bad but the hood is noticeable. has anyone...