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  1. Polaris Slingshot Purchasing
    I am currently in the market for my first slingshot and was wondering your thoughts on which one I should buy. I will be renting my slingshot out on Turo. I have three options. A new 2018 Blue SL, a used 2017 SLR, and a used 2015 SL. Which one do you believe is the best deal and what is a...
  2. Polaris Slingshot Discussions
    Hi everyone I'm trying to make this led ring to put around the rotors, can someone know what size is the rotors for the 2016 sle and if the ring led size 15'5 inch or smaller is going to fit around the rotors without any problems. Thank you for all the help
  3. Polaris Slingshot Discussions
    Hi so I've been looking into getting a used 2015 SL and I've been shopping around for quotes for insurance. I know that in the state if CA you do not need a M1 license to drive a slingshot yet the first place I called (AAA) said they wouldn't insure it if I didn't have an M1. Is there anyone...
  4. Polaris Slingshot Discussions
    Hello, I am a high school student in my final year and for my Engineering class I have to make a model Slingshot as part of my final exams. This model has to be my own unique design and meet certain constraints and requirements (Steering mechanism, powered rear wheel etc). Along with the actual...
  5. Polaris Slingshot Forced Induction
    I'm finishing up the Alpha turbo kit, but since the instructions are very bad, I need some help identifying where/how these hoses get connected. From the attached pic: 1 - This line is coming from the BOV, and I put a T in it for my Innovative SCG-1 gauge. Does this get plugged into the...
  6. Polaris Slingshot Problems and Issues
    Someone wasn't watching when they were weed eating. It's one tiny spot about the size of the eraser head on a #2 pencil with a a little spidering from the center. How would be the best way to repair it.
1-6 of 7 Results