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  1. Helmet DOT certification dilemma

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    For the first time in my life, I actually purchased a Helmet online (from Amazon) - a Shoei J-Cruise - and I did it via Amazon specifically because the color I wanted (Orange - to match my SS), was not available anywhere else in a US-based store that I know of, online, or otherwise. The...
  2. ticket

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    i just got a ticket for no helmet in NJ. I even showed the cop the law that say were dont have to has anyone lost a case for no helmet.
  3. Wearing a Helmet in California, here what 2 officers and DMV says

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    So .. Officer(1) I was in the parking lot waiting for my friend, and a police car parked net to me and he started to ask questions about the SS I asked him about the Helmet, using the Express lanes and using the carpool lanes as a single rider he said he doesn't know and he would not do anything...