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  1. For Sale
    Selling my Haltech Elite 1500 Ecu and IQ3 display with SS wiring for ecotech motor. Also comes with hub and 12 port expansion unit and can ship with the display braket to install easily in the dash. I am in Canada but can ship in US too. 2000 usd for entire kit, everything is mint.
  2. Polaris Slingshot Photos/Videos
    Here is a closer look at the sound of the build that DDM Works is in process of working on. The Tuning is not complete but in about two weeks the Dyno Tune of the Haltech computer will be finished. We did lots and lots to this Slingshot to create more HP. This is the first Slingshot with the...
  3. Polaris Slingshot Builds
    Today is the beginning of the newest project to come out of the garages of Three's da Life: the Slingshot STR! We are going from the standard ecotec 2.4 motor with 5spd transmission to a AP1 Honda S2000 2.0 motor and 6speed transmission. No more turbo needed. This stock setup will begin life in...
1-3 of 3 Results