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  1. Auxiliary Integration Kit

    Polaris Slingshot Problems and Issues
    I have a 2017 SLR and would like to be able to hear my gps through the SS speakers. My manual says I need an Auxiliary Integration Kit but when I call or write Slingshot Customer Service they tell me the they need to check on it and then they marl my case as resolved and never get back to me...
  2. SOLD!!!!

    Polaris Slingshot Electronics
    SOLD!!!! BRAND NEW OEM 2018 RIDE COMMAND SYSTEM!!! THIS INCLUDES THE REQUIRED AMPLIFIER & OEM ROCKFORD FOSGATE SPEAKER PODS!!!! This system will be a direct fit for a 2018 Slingshot Base Model. This unit can also be installed in a 2015-2017 Slingshot by purchasing a Retrofit Harness from...
  3. Garmin Zumo 590 LM installation?

    Polaris Slingshot Electronics
    Greetings folks, I've scanned this forum to find the answer, but I'm afraid I can't locate a good solution. Please forgive me if this has already been discussed and resolved. I've currently got a Garmin Zumo 660 connected in to the radio on my Slingshot SL using the mount/cord that Garmin...
  4. Windshield post hole thread/size?

    Polaris Slingshot Discussions
    Brand-new 2016 SL owner here, in the Spokane Valley of Eastern WA state. Does anyone know the thread/size of the threaded hole in the factory windshield support? My nefarious plan is to screw in a RAM "Tough Ball" and mount the Garmin Zumo 660LM I just ordered on it. I don't know yet what...
  5. Double DIN water resistant cover grail

    Polaris Slingshot Electronics
    Like many I've been on the DDWPQ (Double Din waterproof cover quest) and have not completed the journey. I've been working with testing Kydex (gun holster material) with limited success but have determined that .080 thickness is too thick and I'm moving on to .060in. In the meantime I've found...