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  1. Now the Kids can ride Slingshot!

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    This is perfect for kids aged 3-8, finally a toy that can match dad's slingshot in the garage. The mini slingshot ride will reach 5mph and extra batteries can be ordered. "Pre-Order" yours now! Ball Equipment just became a dealer for this awesome toy! 12v Electric Kids Polaris...
  2. 12v Electric Kids Polaris Slingshot by Peg Perego

    We just had to become a dealer for these cool new kids Slingshot toys when we witnessed them at the 2017 Polaris Dealer show. Available for "Pre-Order" - 12v Electric Kids Polaris Slingshot by Peg Perego. $450 + Shipping (MSRP $499.99) Please Private Message Chris or myself for additional...