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  1. Polaris Slingshot Problems and Issues
    Does anyone else have a problem with Slingshot Customer Service closing issues that are not resolved? It seems that if I send a question or open a service problem through the dealer Slingshot Customer Service marks it resolved long before it should be. This even happens when Customer Service...
  2. Polaris Slingshot Photos/Videos
    I want to share my applause with everyone on this site! I have been a customer of SlingMods for 1-1/2 years since owning my SS. I have written to Keith, the principal, about his staff and products to share my positive experiences with his company. There are a few vendors out there but by far...
  3. MadStad Engineering
    Hey guys Blair over at your HQ dropped the ball on shipping a larger windshield when he was supposed to which really put a damper on my road trip. The windshield would have been in before the road trip I was going to take and my rider had just had sinus surgery and because it didn't get shipped...
1-3 of 3 Results