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  1. Wanted
    Hello, my plastic coolant reservoir on my slingshot ended up cracking like expected, not really looking to shell out for a metal one right now. I know a lot of people end up changing theirs just for cosmetic reasons. If anyone has a plastic one laying around that they don't need and isn't...
  2. Polaris Slingshot Problems and Issues
    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum, actually my first time ever joining a forum. I recently got a red 2016 SL with only 3k miles on it. Just hit 7k miles and I've only done an oil change so far, but just yesterday I noticed something strange. There was coolant leaking into the passenger cabin and...
  3. Polaris Slingshot Accessories and Appearance
    Wanting to install a coolant temp gauge and wondering if there is a different way so I don't have to cut a radiator hose.
  4. DDMWorks
    Santa ( @[email protected] ) took the sleigh out a little early this year because he has so many stops to make. He left the elf ( @[email protected] ) here at the work shop to keep making more toys and so I can post about his fun adventure. First stop is in Houston Texas to build up a DDMWorks...
  5. DDMWorks
    The new DDMWorks Slingshot budget aluminum coolant tank is a direct replacement for the stock plastic coolant tank. These are instock and ready to ship now! Don't let the name "budget" fool you, the aluminum surge tank is made from almost 1/8" thick aluminum, which is much more sturdy and...
  6. DDMWorks
    DDMWorks Slingshot Coolant Re-route Backround - The Slingshot has been a lot of fun to develop product for and since introducing the first supercharger kit for the Slingshot, we continue to strive for the most reliable forced induction setups possible. While development on the supercharger...
  7. DDMWorks
    The Moment a lot of you have been waiting for....... DDMWorks RED Silicone hose kits back in stock !!! Slingshot Silicone Coolant Hose Kit Get them while they are hot !!! :woot:
1-7 of 7 Results