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  1. Weird Noise from Rear

    Polaris Slingshot Problems and Issues
    Weird clacking noise comes from rear tire upon takeoff and reverse. It's not a constant noise only during take off or a reverse. Doesn't look like the shocks -- thinking it might be something with the clutch. 2019 Slingshot SLR Anyone else experience this issue??
  2. DDMWorks Christmas Vacation.

    Santa ( @[email protected] ) took the sleigh out a little early this year because he has so many stops to make. He left the elf ( @[email protected] ) here at the work shop to keep making more toys and so I can post about his fun adventure. First stop is in Houston Texas to build up a DDMWorks...
  3. Rear right angle drive noise when clutch depressed.

    Polaris Slingshot Problems and Issues
    Our 2016 SS developed a rather annoying grinding sound at about 800 miles, when the clutch is depressed while decelerating. Sounds identical to a pilot or throughout bearing going bad, except it is emanating from right angle drive. I changed differential oil with Mobile 1 and put SS on blocks...