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  1. Polaris Slingshot Purchasing
    I am considering buying one, and have read comments of people saying its a money pit, but they don't really state why. Is this a vehicle that breaks down often? Is it poorly made and consistently needs work done here and there? Is it worth the $20,000 compared to a car or bike of the same...
  2. Polaris Slingshot DIY Discussions
    So who else here is tired of over priced slingshot accessories especially those that should have already come with the slingshot upon purchase in the first place. Well I can solve all of these problems but here's one that will save you from spending $160 to $15 or less and works just as great...
  3. Polaris Slingshot Electronics
    X2 RED 127DB SUPER TONE LOUD BLAST ROUND COMPACT HORNS FOR POLARIS SLINGSHOT Have anyone bought this ? whats was their experience ? How do these sound .. i hate the current horn noise in SS... I apologize if i'm re-posting this .
1-3 of 3 Results