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  1. For new owners - Info - and rear end noise fix.

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    Hello, I am a fairly new Slingshot owner (since June 2019) (2018 SL), but have been driving and tinkering with it a lot. So I thought I summarise what I have found (Thanks to the many contributors of the forum with good info that helped me). I hope my experience and findings might help some...
  2. New owner in NC.

    Good Morning All, I have had my 18 SS SLR LE for almost a month now and am learning the vehicle's handling and power delivery traits. The one item I am less that thrilled with is braking performance, especially with braided stainless lines. Every other vehicle (cars and bikes) that I have...
  3. Want to Buy Rear Caliper

    Hi im looking for the rear caliper please pm me.
  4. Traction Control Light

    Just driving down the road WOW! The light is on and won't go off. Stopped and checked switch and turn off and restarted and it was gone. But a few minutes later it came back on. Took it to the dealer and found bad brake pedal switch, bad magnet on the wiring that is just above brake pedal.. So...
  5. Dealerships who use Noel Hughes brake fix

    Polaris Slingshot Suspension and Brakes
    Short story: I'd like to compile a list by state of dealerships willing and able to perform the fix @Noel Hughes has advocated and that so many of our brethren have had success with in curing the double pump brake problem. Long story: I called a dealership in AR with similar/stellar service...
  6. Group Brainstorm to relocate E- Brake

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    With all the great minds in this forum why not brainstrom and redesign the SS E -brake as to remove it from It's current location and use this location for storage or other uses. What would it take? Who can describe how it currently works? Who has a idea? We all know it can be done lets show...
  7. Are the brake discs and pads unique to the SS?

    Polaris Slingshot Suspension and Brakes
    What other vehicle uses these discs and pads? Or are they unique to the SS?