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  1. Alpha Powersport Stage 2 Turbo Kit

    For Sale
    FOR SALE: Alpha Stage 2 Turbo Kit Installed on Slingshot SE 2016.5 and has around 12k miles on kit total (i'm the second owner). I have been running 5psi of boost on stock motor with a tune from Bob at OBD Diagnostics. Reason for sale is i'm putting my slingshot back to stock and selling it...
  2. Sold! Alpha Powersport Top Mount Turbo Kit

    For Sale
    Alpha Powersport Slingshot Top Mount Turbo Kit For Sale - $3,800 OBO Rare kit with only a couple of thousands of miles on it. Selling my Slingshot, so parting out the expensive items from it. This is your chance to own the most unique and one of the nicest turbo kits made for the Slingshot. -...
  3. For Sale 2015 Titanium Grey Custom Turbo Slingshot - FOR SALE $18,500 OBO

    For Sale
    FOR SALE: 2015 Polaris Slingshot Custom Turbo It has come time to move on to new hobbies and sell my Slingshot. I am the original owner and it is very well known in the Slingshot community. It has won “Most Modified”, “Best in Show”, and holds several Slingshot track (road course) records in...
  4. Sold! Alpha Powersport Stage 2 Turbo Kit - Custom Items Included

    For Sale
    FOR SALE: Alpha Stage 2 Turbo Kit Installed in 2015 and has around 10k miles on kit. This kit has a lot of custom touches and performs flawlessly. I have ran the kit from 5psi all the way to 15psi on my built motor. I would suggest running it at 8-9psi and using a Hallman manual boost...
  5. Alpha Turbo Group Buy! Save $600

    Alpha Powersport
    With the success of our supercharger group buy, we decided we should show some love to those who want a turbo system. That being said, we are opening a group buy for 10 turbo kits! This will be our standard kit set at 6psi with our race exhaust, this will be good for 250whp. This kit has been...
  6. DDMWorks Forced Induction

    Polaris Slingshot Forced Induction
    Just stopping by to show off a few recent builds with our DDMWorks Rotrex Supercharger Kit. Two more in progress with built engines and supercharger upgrades. Stay tuned !
  7. Rotrex install and more !!

    Rotrex Supercharger install with a few extras brought to you by DDMWorks. @Slingin Dave installing the "Blower"
  8. Built Engine and Rotrex Supercharger Upgrade

    Joe is getting our DDMWorks built Engine and upgrading his DDMWorks Rotrex Supercharger kit for more POWER !!!!! :punch:
  9. For Sale Fully Modified Turbocharged 2015 SL For Sale

    For Sale
    Well the time is up, and I am selling my Slingshot. Started as a 2015 SL model, but has had a ton of upgrades and mods done to it. Here is a copy of my craigslist ad. I know most of you are familiar enough with the slingshot, but the ad was written for those not completely in the know. I am...