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  1. I'mmmmmmm Backkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!

    Well, it's been 2 years since the Batmobile was totalled (see thread http://www.slingshotforums.com/threads/the-batmobile-is-totalled.9889/ ). Picking up a used 2016 SL tomorrow with only 4K Miles. Took 2 years to settle lawsuit (F'n Lawyers!! - that's a whole 'nutter story). And I've already...
  2. March -25- 2016 lets meet up in NJ to watch Batman VS Superman

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    Lets meet up on March 25 for Batman Vs Superman movie , i was planning to meet somewhere in middle so that DE, PA and NJ folks can accommodate the Commute. lets plan and finalize it.
  3. The Batmobile is Totalled

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    Well, 2016 Base that I got August 18th is gone. Totalled. I'm fine but very VERY sore. No broken bones but I have lots of BIG bruises across my right shoulder and left ribs from the seat belt. Left knee is cut up and my left foot is really swollen (Both probably from hitting into the...