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  1. For Sale
    $15,900 Oldsmar, FL 2016.5 Base Slingshot - Black 14,500 miles Like new black wheels & tires (only about 3k miles on them) Alarm system installed by dealer Full floor mat kit w/ blue trim Typical minor signs of wear but looks sharp and runs great 2016.5
  2. Wanted
    I'm located in Illinois, willing to potentially drive and pick them up or have them shipped depending on the overall cost. I specifically need the rear tire. But if you dont want to sell just the rear then I'm open to buying the set. Let me know!
  3. For Sale
    Stock Wheels and Tires off a 2017 ... No scratches no marks ... 100% perfect and less than 300 miles on them ... $300
  4. Polaris Slingshot Accessories and Appearance
    I know someone posted this, but the search button is failing me. Can someone please post what rattle can brand/color matches the base model paint? Redoing my gauge cluster. Thanks!
1-5 of 5 Results