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  1. Texas Slingshot Owners
    Reposting for a friend: Calling all Slingers in central TX. Ride-Now Powersports, formally Woods in Austin is having a bike night at 6pm next Thursday the 23rd. Slingshots are invited and encouraged to attend. There will be food, drinks and fun. Ride-Now is willing to sponsor our VOS and...
  2. Texas Slingshot Owners
    Okay, hopefully this will give us some more time to prepare. Howz'bout a ride on Saturday June 16th? This is the week after ROT Rally so everyone should be gone and we can have the roads to ourselves. (Sorry, I stay away from anything ROT Rally Related.) Same ride I did a month ago: The...
  3. Texas Slingshot Owners
    KSU at 10:30 (I know KSU doesn't apply to SS, but hey, it get's the message across.)
  4. Texas Slingshot Owners
    So since Oct 24th got rained out (and still raining Sunday), Let's try this again. Sat, Nov 14th, 2015. 9:00 AM. Meet at HEB at I-35 and Exit 256 University/Hwy 1431, Round Rock TX. Park out near the main entrance at the gas station. Easy to get gas, walk across to Starbucks. We can head...
  5. Texas Slingshot Owners
    Let's get a ride going! Saturday, Oct 24th, 9am, Meet at HEB at I-35/Exit 256 University (Across from Ikea). There's a Starbucks there, gas, etc. Lots of open space in the parking lot. We'll head out to Llano for Lairds BBQ, then back thru Spicewood/Bee Caves, around the lake, and then back...
  6. Texas Slingshot Owners
    Hey, I see Houston and DFW area Threads. Being that Austin is the Capital, you'ld think we could get some respect! Yeah, yeah, yeah, so you have football teams. We have 6th Street and Austin City Limits music! Anyways, Post your info here so we can plan GTGs and rides. I'll start. Chavey2...
1-6 of 6 Results