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  1. SOLD - 2017 Midnight Cherry SL with Polaris top - 9950 miles South Atlanta (Senoia, GA)

    For Sale
    Curbed the front right wheel one time (scuff on edge of rim). Otherwise - perfect condition. I added a color changing vinyl wrap on the original accent white striping to set it off in the sun. Tastefully done. Always garaged and kept cover on whenever parked in the sun for any length of...
  2. South Of Atlanta

    Southeast Slingshot Owners
    Is there anyone who is South of Atl that would love to ride sometimes or even go to Camp Creek on Wednesdays and see some of the other people in Ga that have them
  3. Happy new owner of a SS needs help!!

    I am beyond happy, after months of research and reading forums I finally purchased a 2015 Slingshot. The machine looks perfect and the communication with the previous owner is fantastic. Here is my problem, the Slingshot is in Anamosa, Iowa, I am in Atlanta GA. A transport broker has been...
  4. Slingshot Track day at Atlanta Motor Speedway

    Polaris Slingshot Discussions
    Here is your chance to test out your Slingshot on the historic asphalt of Atlanta Motor Speedway! There will be Polaris Slingshot demo units available for those who have yet to experience time behind the wheel. Food, drinks, prizes, and the Falcons vs Cowboys game on a projection screen will be...