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  1. Alpha Powersports & SlingMods

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    I noticed tonight shopping that SlingMods discontinued the entire line of Alpha products. Whats going on?
  2. Alphe Powersports new exhaust(prototype)

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    So I took my usual friday ride to Alpha to deliver my paycheck.... i mean buy a CAI and possibly the side exit exhaust, henry greeted me with some sexy prototype of a new exhaust he is working on and offered to install it in my sling to try it out since all his machines are turbo so he needed a...
  3. Sold! Alpha Turbo Kit - Brand New Turbo

    For Sale
    We have another Alpha turbo kit for sale. This customer had a brand new turbo that was never installed on his Slingshot as you can tell by the condition of the turbo in the pictures, this turbo is perfect. The other parts including the tubes do show some slight wear from rubbing that is common...
  4. Sold! Alpha Turbo Kit

    For Sale
    We have a customer that upgraded from the Alpha turbo kit to our DDMWorks Rotrex supercharger kit and so we have this really nice kit available for sale. The customer only had it installed for a couple hundred miles as you can tell by the condition of the tubes and other parts in the pictures...
  5. Great News for Village Motorsports!

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    i am very happy to announce that Village Motorsports is now a dealer for two of my favorite companies: Alpha Powersports and Slingmods. we can get and install any of their wonderful, fun products. i have a lot of them on my sling !! i have dealt personally with the owners of both companies and...
  6. Alpha/JRi one-way adjustable shocks NEW MSRP Pricing for 2016

    Alpha Powersport
    Alpha Powersport has a new price for our one-way adjustable shocks. The NEW 2016 MSRP price for this kit is $990.00. This suspension setup is perfect for owners who wants a better ride than OEM but does not desire to adjust damping. The ride will feel sportier than stock. The features on these...
  7. Alpha Turbo Kit - How to switch over to 1bar setup to 2bar setup

    Polaris Slingshot Forced Induction
    For those people that have asked.... Here is a video that briefly describes how to switch over your Alpha Turbo System from the 1bar MAP set-up to the 2bar MAP setup. The video portion of showing the wastegate is hard to see because of how dark the video turned out. The link to below...
  8. Pulled the trigger on Turbo/Big Brakes/Adjustable Shocks

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    Thanks Alpha!!!!! Great products & install. Now I fit my profile picture better! This machine is smoother, faster and better on the stopping power!!
  9. Cold Air Intake Installation Video

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    Cold Air Intake made by Alpha PowerSports. The wife and I shot the video while installing this system. Heavily edited for time and content. Installation by directions supplied followed as closely as possible. Glitches encountered resulted in some additional video clarification. Hope this helps...