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  1. Sold! 2015 Base Model

    For Sale
    Sold at 16550.
  2. Sold! 2015 Base Model

    For Sale
    I am negotiable on the price.....
  3. Sold! 2015 Base Model

    For Sale
    Yorkville Il.
  4. Sold! 2015 Base Model

    For Sale
    Yep, Im selling. Fun ride but time for something else. Approx 6k miles. Pretty much all stock except an amp, speaker pods, and Hertz speakers through a satellite recvr. Also has a different shifter handle (stock included) a taller windscreen and a barely used set of tires and rims. Laser...
  5. Brake Failure Light

    Polaris Slingshot Problems and Issues
    Hey guys, I have the brake failure light coming on. It comes on at some point every time I drive, sometimes almost right away, sometimes after maybe 10 minutes or more. I intend to have the dealership fix it but they are more than an hour away. I gave them a heads up and I suggested it was...
  6. Possible Competition from GM Concept Miata Fighter

    Polaris Slingshot vs The Competition
    Oh yeah, looks just like the Slingshot. :) Its as they say, a Miata competitor. GM sold like 5 vehicles that sold when the economic crash hit and 2 of them were the Solstice and the Sky. (Same car I know) Those were Miata killers but got the ax. GM doesnt have a good reputation for taking a car...
  7. Open letter to Polaris

    Polaris Slingshot Problems and Issues
    Odd, the guys selling exhausts promised everyone the heat issue would disappear after buying their pricey exhausts...... I put dyanamat on my firewall and inside the drivers toe box on the floor. I reduced about 90% of the hot air blowing in. Now I freeze my arse off on chilly nights. What to...
  8. Test Drive........ Disappointed

    Polaris Slingshot Problems and Issues
    Remember, this thing is a 20k dollar toy, not a real sports car. Brakes can be fixed but I got used to it. Also, I dont think these guys get what you mean by road feel. It has nothing to do with turn in, or transitioning, or anything like that. Feel is dead as a door nail. That said its not a...
  9. Welp so much for WallyWorld oil changes ...

    Polaris Slingshot Maintenance
    Ha, the Walmart by me refused to change the oil in my 2000 Jaguar Type S. They told me they dont work on ANY "exotics." Talked to the service manager, he was aghast that I wanted an oil change. "No exotics," he said. He said he wouldnt have the right oil or the right filter and the engine was...
  10. Looks like some people will be getting a free custom gift from Polaris...

    Polaris Slingshot Discussions
    They went all out this time. :)
  11. Slow throttle return, "dipping" idle?

    Polaris Slingshot Problems and Issues
    Im not sure.....
  12. DDMWorks Supercharger Kit

    Look how fast its going!!
  13. TRUMP - THE BIG QUESTION [now Not Safe For Work - NSFW]

    You mean you dont think he would be on vacation after vacation, his family and the entourage, you mean he wouldnt be playing 18 holes every other day, you mean he wouldnt have a revolving door on the White House for Hollywood friends and rap entertainers?
  14. TRUMP - THE BIG QUESTION [now Not Safe For Work - NSFW]

    The whole strategy is stop Trump. Obama and Hillary are talking again on world leaders are scared of the notion of Trump. I still say scared because we wont be pushed around anymore. Obama and his progressives still think the Iran deal was a masterpiece. John Kerry apologized to Iran for our...
  15. Brisk Racing Spark Plugs

    Polaris Slingshot Engine and Performance
    Thats true, split fires are junk. Everyone I know has had them break on the piston end and the little piece of metal winds up in the engine. Those are good numbers for just a plug change. Maybe your plugs ARE better. Im sure we will find out what it does in a little 2.4. Heres to good results.
  16. Brisk Racing Spark Plugs

    Polaris Slingshot Engine and Performance
    Point taken but I will stand behind my comments and reiterate that anything less than a race car would be a waste of time, money, and effort to swap out good plugs. Maaaaybe with increased voltage but..... I know my race buddies and engine builders have all tried the iridium plugs, the split...
  17. You think Trump can beat Hillary?

    Yeah thats what the anti Trumps want you to believe about the house and senate. Not sure that would happen just based on his nomination or even being elected. Yeah Trump has had a bad week or two but considering he has been attacked from EVERYBODY, even "his own" party hasnt made it any easier...
  18. Finally!! But worth the wait!

    Polaris Slingshot Photos/Videos
    Is that one of those Can Am Spyders?
1-20 of 483 Results