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  • Martin ·
    I can push the clutch. Enough so I went for a ride (alone) for 530 mils in less then 9 hours ( from Daytona FL to Ashville, NC ) no problem except heat with sun on my left side!
    so I say try a test drive of find a buddy who has one and give it a try !!! Martin "Doc" Harris been driving 'motorcycles' for 58 years and this SS is # 73 !!!
    Martin ·
    lost all balance so could not even ride a bicycle without falling down.
    still limited to about 15 feet walking with a cane in home. out in public (on a very good day) a walker. most days on a 2 wheel chair...
    I now have close to 7,000 miles on my 2017 Sling Shot.... only mods I made (for driving) was the roll-bar/roof.
    Martin ·
    I know your feelings 110% I had my lower L 2, 3, 4 & 5 and C 2 crushed in a drop from a chopper ( not motorcycle but a hell- O- copter) I was Search-Air-Rescue)
    spent 2 years in wheel chair … then in and out of one.
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