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  • traveler ·
    Hey S.K. First, thanks for all the great info you provide. I wanted to ask your opinion before I go for new JRI shocks. Would you say The two way adjustable shocks give a more softer ride when dampened all the way down than the stock one way adjustable ones?
    PA slinger ·
    Hey you were very instrumental in my decision in getting my slingshot. I've like you vlogs and now dyi with sling mods. awesome keep it up.
    Grantspassman ·
    Right now, I can't get enough of your videos!! I am learning a great deal about the SS just from you. I am really enjoying slingmods.com, WOW, I'm like a little kid in a candy store..lol
    Yes, More, we all want more from ya!
    JimsGirl ·
    Hey SK, we are impatiently waiting for your review on the luggage racks. Jim has resorted to installing new spanky cams on his Harley while we are waiting. It's fun, but not the same. Help a fellow Sling will you?
    formula502 ·
    Hey Slingking! In the process of buying my SS and was starting to watch your V-Logs. Question for you. Early on you mention a cold air intake you installed which sounds great and you were very happy with. Who is the manufactuer? Thanks in advance!!
    6972 ·
    Big fan. I saw my first Slingshot on the road about 2 months ago after coming back from deployment. Started obsessing over them and watched nearly every video review on them including your vlogs. Eventually my wife told me to stop, and just go get one. So as of 8 days ago, I'm a proud owner of a SS. Keep up the solid work on the vlog. Looking forward to more apples and oranges edition!
    Slingking · ·
    That's really awesome! If you haven't already, check out the videos on the Slingmods channel. I've been reviewing their products. Or check out my website thekingofreviews.com lot's of stuff there. :) Congrats on your Slingshot. You're going to love it!! If you're ever in my neck of the woods, maybe we'll do an apples and apples. ;)
    Brundog ·
    I have watched all of your Vlog's, very interesting and informative. I am going to get a slingshot I hope late this summer. I am working in Michigan but live in southern Florida. I have reached the age where handling my big Harley Ultra Classic Electric glide is becoming to much as I am little guy. Hoping to be able to get the SL SE Limited White Pearl.
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    Brundog · ·
    Well guys i have one on the way. It will be in Florida late next week, 3.21. I am adding quite a few things right away. Am looking for ideas on how to hook up my Zumo 665 from my Harley to the slingshot. Joe you have been a big help in me making decisions on which items to buy.
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