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  • HardCase ·
    What will it take for me to have the capability that I just saw in your demo?
    Would you please advise me as to what I need, to control my own machine?
    Everyone that is hunting me. I am on another forum. Push this together to find me (sling shot info .com). Mods and Admins please allow this.
    Thunderbolt ·
    Hey RabTech. Haven't been on the forum a lot since I got my Slingshot back in December 2014. Just wondering if you still had your Slingshot, haven't seen any new post from you. Always enjoyed reading your post. You were always doing something to yours.
    Aldiesel74 ·
    Rabtech, whats up man I read ur post on ur brake rotors and appreciate u taking the time to post. Can u tell me what brake pads u used, I am currently using hawks 5.0 but my I'm about to change the rotors and pads. If u could email me I would appreciate it man. [email protected] Thanks
    mkaminski ·
    I'm installing a Pioneer AVIC-8100NEX Do you know where the wire is for the speed signal, Reverse, and Parking Brake?
    Mlamarco ·
    Hey RABTECH I need help choosing A turbo. I was about to go with alpha but then looked into Hahn. I'll be ready to order by Wednesday so I need a little help. I need you option on Hahn vs alpha. I I lyrics have $4500 to spend so what Hahn system do you think is best and what options with it. I want to get the system powdered white also.
    jwservs ·
    Rabtech, I found one of your posts about reading the data from the diagnostic port. I was wondering two things. Would this work on the Polaris Rzr? Is there a product I can buy that does this? Sorry for posting on your profile wasn't sure how else to ask you.
    dogs ·
    rabtech thank you for the reply on my rear tire wear i was PUSHING hard in the mountains 2 weeks ago running down 4 hot sports cars and did lol they were porsches
    Boiler ·
    hello my name is tim what im trying to do is i am putting a kicker powered sub inbehind the seat i have the power hooked up but haveing trouble in where do i splice in to for the sound there isnt alot of info is there any spots to plug into and i just joined this forum so not sure if i am send you a message or posting thank you for any help
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