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  • harleyujoe ·
    Hello Ej I just purchased Standard SS with Alpha Turbo and hope to have it 4 weeks.
    I am looking at windshields and 5" plus tinted. I am 6' tall and later would like to put canvas top on it.
    I see you have the 5" plus. Is it good quality to look through ? And without wings do you get any air at all?
    Or the wings draw all the air in ??
    Thank You Joe in NJ
    EjFord · ·
    Joe, Love the F4 5+ tinted, but you will want the Baker "Air Wings" Mine attach to the windshield with
    a clamp type set up. Brings air in or keeps it out.
    JRRIV ·
    Just checked mine. My FM does the same thing. I didn't know there was a accessory spot on the ignition switch either but I logged a complaint to my dealer. If we all grip surely they will listen....
    EjFord · ·
    JRRIV --- the accessory spot is not really mentioned.

    I learned of it here asking how to set the clock.
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