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    Was in Puerto Penasco, Mexico (Rocky Point) recently and ran into this guy. If you're not familiar with Rocky Point, it's a shrimping town on the Sea of Cortez that's an easy 3.5 hour drive from Phoenix, AZ. The terrain around the entire region is sand. Only half the roads are paved, the others are packed sand (if you're lucky).

    This guy lives in Rocky Point and his wife is a big realtor down there. Hence the graphics on his SS. I think he got his wife to buy him a SS and write it off so he could drive around town advertising for her. There are literally signs every 1000 feet in the town that says "Batman says call Susie Flinn for your real estate needs".

    The sling looks cleaner in the video than it does in person. I asked if he was running the stock shocks and he had no idea what I was asking.

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