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by dascrow on Sep 14, 2014
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It's time! It's time for the first SlingshotForums.com contest where you have a chance to win not only a stylish SlingshotForums.com Shirt, but the first shirt we've received. The winner will also receive two cool SlingshotForums.com decals. This package is just a little taste of what we'll have available in the coming months so you can represent and show your support for the website.

Now back to the contest!

How do I win you ask? It's simple, respond in this thread and let us know why you think 3 wheels make the perfect setup for the Slingshot . We aren't looking for a three word response, we want detail, make it awesome, make it funny, be thorough, be creative and most importantly just have fun with it!

This thread will close Friday, September 19th, 2014 @ 3:00 PM central time. A winner will be announced shortly after. Good Luck!!
by NickJ on Aug 29, 2014
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The excitement in this guy's voice reminds me of the kind of excitement that I felt the first time that I saw an exotic car on the road when I was just a lad. I cannot imagine how I would react if my young self saw a Slingshot for the first time. I have been lucky enough to be able to drive and ride in some truly special cars in my lifetime, and I always loved to look over and see a little boy or girl, with their nose pressed against the window, not wanting to miss a single second of the car as it passed. It made my day to know that I had made their day by just enjoying a special car where it was meant to be enjoyed, the open road.

I think that we are going to see a lot of this once the Slingshot starts hitting the roads. The lucky few that will get the first run of Slingshots will be on the cameras and cell phones of so many strangers for simply driving something so radically different on the roadways around the US. I don't even want to talk about the number of questions that they are going to have to answer during fuel stops. Get ready to make some days ladies and gentlemen!

Thanks to Centhron for tracking down this video. See it in the second post of this thread.
by NickJ on Aug 18, 2014
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You guys knew that I was going to save the best questions for last didn't you?! To end our sit down with James, Lead Engineer on the Slingshot, we broke out the big guns. The questions that have been cropping up in the Slingshot Performance sections of the site. Enough with this lead in, and lets get to the pressing questions:

SlingshotForums.com What is the weight bias and can you elaborate on why it's set to what it is?
James It varies between approximately 66:34 and 59:41 based on how much load is being carried. This was chosen to balance tire loading, grip, stability, and rear traction.

SlingshotForums.com Is the brake setup GM or from another production vehicle?
James Polaris developed the brake system specifically for the Slingshot. It is unique to our roadster.

SlingshotForums.com We've heard that it has a short shifter? Is that something Polaris developed for the AR5 and added on or is it just the standard AR5 shift linkage?
James It is a modified AR5 shift linkage (shortened front-to-back) with a custom-designed shift knob to provide short shift throws.

SlingshotForums.com What is the widest rear tire/wheel width that the swingarm will accept?
James Larger wheels/tires can have a different rolling diameter, which could reduce effectiveness of the stability control system, alter ride height, and compromise the roadster’s handling. We do not recommend altering Slingshot’s wheel and tire sizes.

SlingshotForums.com Will a larger stickier rear tire interfere with the stability control or traction control systems?
James Potentially. A larger rolling radius will affect the rear wheel’s speed signal, which could alter the performance of the stability control...
by NickJ on Aug 13, 2014
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And now for Part 2 of the interview with Polaris Slingshot Lead Engineer, James!

In this installment of questions, we chose to focus on some of the questions that the travelling Slingshot driver might be interested in. We asked James the questions that have been creeping around the forums from those that intend on touring and towing the Slingshot around this great country of ours.

SlingshotForums.com Where are the 12V outlets located?
James One inside the glovebox, and one between driver and passenger, above the cupholders.

SlingshotForums.com What is the alternator output?
James 130 amps.

SlingshotForums.com Do you have exact dimensions of the cargo areas?
James Total storage on Slingshot measures in at approximately 22 gallons
The storage openings are approximately 300mm wide by 390mm tall. Inside, the storage boxes are larger than the openings, but in irregular and difficult to measure ways. A standard size backpack or a full faced helmet will fit in each of the two storage compartments.

SlingshotForums.com What is the process to swap out or remove windshields?
James Simple!
  • Open the hood, 1 screw on each side, one in the center (blade windshield)
  • Open the hood, 2 screws each side (double bubble)

SlingshotForums.com A lot of people are wanting to pull a lightweight motorcycle trailer so they can use the Slingshot to tour around. Are there any plans to add some sort of trailer hitch or are there any issues with pulling a trailer designed for a motorcycle?
James Not currently.

SlingshotForums.com What is the life expectancy on a stock machine of the drive belt?
James Per the owner’s manual, Polaris recommends inspecting the drive belt every 5000 miles for damage. There is no set...
by NickJ on Aug 11, 2014
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Welcome to our 3-Part Interview with the Lead Engineer of the all-new Polaris Slingshot!

We have been granted special access and some of the most valuable time with James, the lead engineer on the Slingshot project. As you can imagine, his time is very limited as well as invaluable during the launch of the Slingshot, so we are eternally lucky and grateful to both James and Polaris Industries for taking time to anser some of our questions!

Be sure to keep a lookout for the other two parts of the series where we ask the burning questions like, "What is the life Expectancy of the drive belt?," as well as the questions concerning performance like, "How much additional horsepower will the stock belt be able to handle?." To get things started, we asked some of the technical questions that have been asked by our members here on Slingshotforums.com.

SlingshotForums.com What is the turning radius of the Slingshot?
James 35 foot, 1 inch to the outside of the tire.

SlingshotForums.com What is the wheel bore diameter?
James 70mm, front and rear

SlingshotForums.com What is the offset of front and rear wheels?
  • Front: 42mm
  • Rear: 45mm
SlingshotForums.com What is the bolt pattern of the wheels, both front and rear?
James 5x114.3mm (4.5”)

SlingshotForums.com Does the SL have different spring rates than the Base model because of the larger wheels?
James The spring rates are the same.

SlingshotForums.com Do the stock shocks have any adjustments?
James No, the shocks are not adjustable.

SlingshotForums.com Can you tell us what the weights of each wheel that Polaris is offering on the SS?