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by dascrow on Feb 25, 2013
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Welcome to SlingshotForums.net, the first and largest Polaris Slingshot Forum on the net. SlingshotForums.net is a community dedicated to the upcoming / rumored Polaris three wheel road vehicle. Our goal is to be a friendly community comprised of Slingshot owners and enthusiasts. To participate fully in the site all you need to do is register, it's quick and free.
by NickJ on Dec 9, 2014
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Week Two of our Updates from Slingshot Central. The big news is that Texas buyers have gotten the word that they have been waiting for. The Slingshot is legal in Texas! Many of you already knew it, but we wanted to make sure that anyone that didn't was informed.

We did it guys! I don't want to pat ourselves on the back, but I think that our little campaign here helped at least a little.


As far as shipping goes the update is as...
by NickJ on Dec 2, 2014
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After a long and winding road, Slingshots are starting to hit the streets, and the owners are starting to hit their strides with the new vehicles. On our end, we have been sharing all of your comments and questions with Polaris hoping that we can start to get news and announcements directly from the Slingshot team... And we have finally hit pay dirt, of course it is all up to you guys to keep this avenue of communication alive with your views, comments, and questions.

The more valuable information that you all can post, the more information we hope to get from the Slingshot team. The document above is our first bit of official communication from Polaris.

And our very own SlingMods gets a shout out right here:
Polaris is a great company because they actually listen to what the end users have to say about their products in the real world and make improvements that the enthusiasts want...
by Pocket Man on Nov 16, 2014
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Jeff Allen of the Car Chasers gets the ride of his life in a Polaris Slingshot driven by Precision Driver and Stuntman, Andy Bell


I am number two in line for the Boise Polaris dealership and cannot wait. I 50th birthday is on Friday and I hope to pick it up before then.

The Pocket Man!
by SlingMods on Nov 16, 2014
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Doing paperwork now
Woooooo hoooooooo.

First impressions posted here:

Additional Slingshot photos posted here: