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by dascrow on Feb 25, 2013
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Welcome to SlingshotForums.net, the first and largest Polaris Slingshot Forum on the net. SlingshotForums.net is a community dedicated to the upcoming / rumored Polaris three wheel road vehicle. Our goal is to be a friendly community comprised of Slingshot owners and enthusiasts. To participate fully in the site all you need to do is register, it's quick and free.
by dascrow on Oct 9, 2014
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SPIRIT LAKE, Iowa, Oct 09, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Polaris Industries Inc. PII, -0.99%and local public officials gathered today at Polaris’ Spirit Lake, Iowa manufacturing facility to celebrate the launch of its Slingshot™ motorcycle into full production.

Slingshot has received significant attention since its introduction to the marketplace two months ago, offering an entirely new on-road driving and riding experience. Now, as Slingshot begins rolling off the production line, consumers will have the opportunity to experience this innovative new product for themselves.

“We continue to introduce new, innovative products and technologies that create opportunities for growth here and around the world. Today, we are excited to celebrate the revolutionary 3-wheel, Polaris Slingshot into full production here in Spirit Lake,” said Bennett Morgan, President and Chief Operating Officer of Polaris.

“Polaris is committed to both understanding the desired riding experience of our customers and then working to exceed those expectations,” said Brian Hines, Director of Operations at the Spirit Lake plant. “We could not be happier to produce such a high-quality vehicle at our Spirit Lake manufacturing facility.”

Initial shipments of Slingshot to Polaris dealers will commence by the end of this month.

With the production of Slingshot and increased production of other vehicles, Polaris announced in August it will add 300 jobs to its Iowa manufacturing facilities.

To find out more about Slingshot, visit www.polaris.com....
by dascrow on Oct 8, 2014
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Polaris Industries will celebrate the launch of its new three-wheel vehicle, the Slingshot, on Thursday in Iowa. The Minneapolis-based company will build the on-road vehicle at its Spirit Lake factory. It has hired 50 new employees and is looking to fill another 50 positions. Once hiring is complete, Polaris will employ about 1,000 people in Spirit Lake. The company also employs about 300 in Milford.

The three-wheeled roadster represents a new market for the manufacturer, which also builds Victory bikes and Indian Motorcycles — the classic brand it brought back to life in 2013 — at the Spirit Lake facility. Earlier this year, it announced the launch of the Indian Scout, a lighter, cheaper sibling in the Indian motorcycle family.

The Slingshot is expected to be in showrooms by the end of October. Shares of Polaris closed down 97 cents Tuesday to $145.86.

Source: Desmoinesregister.com
by Painter on Oct 5, 2014
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Everyone of you may be affected by Indiana's inability to process the SS Certification.
WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you could just take a little time to e-mail our Governor and the DMV concerning this situation, OUR VOICE MAY BE HEARD. Here is the information and thanks in advance for the help!

This is an e-mail for those who do not live in the affected States. You may just copy and paste to send or formulate your own correspondence: Out of state e-mails may do much more good as it could be a better economic reason!!!!

To send an e-mail to Mike Pence the Governer of Indiana click the link and under “Ask Mike” click on the


To send an e-mail to the Indiana DMV, here is the Link:
Send an email to the BMV

To: (Enter the Entities Name)
Fr: (Enter Your Name and position if with a company)
Date: (Enter the Date you are sending)
RE: Polaris Industries Slingshot 3 Wheel Motorcycle (Important ‘Motorcycle’ is visable)

I am writing this to express my disappointment concerning the failure of your State to promptly approve the certification and sale of this motorcycle.

48 States have already completed this certification and now I have great concerns with even visiting your State. I can’t understand this delay and would not even consider spending money there until this is resolved.
One would think that you would follow the guidelines accepted by all other States and open up yours to help your economy if for nothing else.

Thank you,
(Name and Address)

If you live in Indiana , here is a letter you could copy and paste or formulate your own:

I am writing this to express my disappointment concerning the failure of this State to promptly approve the Certification and sale of this motorcycle.

48 States have already...
by dascrow on Sep 23, 2014
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We would like to invite everyone to check out the newest feature of Slingshot Forums that will allow you to post upcoming Slingshot Events to our calendar. We want to make sure everyone keeps up to date with the latest Slingshot dealer reveal parties, track events, group rides, meet-ups, slingshot cruises, slingshots & coffee, etc. The calendar is located in the navigation bar or you can access it by clicking this link: http://www.slingshotforums.com/events/

If you have any problems or questions using it, please let us know!
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